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This is How Thousands are Heating up Their Homes and Slashing Electricity Bills

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the temperature in your own home? Are you sick and tired of spending a fortune on traditional heating that’s not enough? Feeling cold during showers?

Well, this shouldn’t be the case! The inventors of Heater PRO X promise to offer you a warm room without spending a fortune on your energy bills. Too good to be true? We tried it ourselves in order to find out if it really meets its expectations… 

What are we talking about?

Heater PRO X is a mini-sized heating device that promises to make your space extra cozy during cold days just in a couple of seconds.

It can be used in any room of your home or workplace. The only thing that you have to do is to plug it into the area of your choice. Pretty simple right? The temperature is up to you to choose!

Transform cold & chilly places into comfortable, warm & cozy places, with this small yet super powerful device!

What makes Heater PRO X the best option?

The control of temperature is in your hands

Now you have the ability to control the precise heating that the Heater PRO X  will radiate. With the LCD display smart thermostat not only can you decide the exact temperature of your room, but also maintain it for as long as you like. “What about the extra-cold days?” you may ask. Well, it’s up to you how intense the heating is. It comes with adjustable power modes, so you can choose between low-heat (600 W), high heat (1200W), or even use it as a fan only.


It takes only 2 seconds

Have you ever experienced a situation where you can’t stand your own home because of the temperature? Heater PRO X  comes to save the day! No more waiting in the cold! It’s so fast and effective when it comes to fast results, it will blow your mind. It only takes 2 seconds to give you the warm feeling that you desire, thanks to its ceramic plate technology.


Small Yet Super Powerful

Heater PRO X uses less energy to create much more heat than traditional heaters.  The secret behind it, is called Instaheat Technology. Thanks to it, it can heat a space up to 250 sq ft and make it up to 40% warmer in just a few minutes. And all that just for pennies! 

As Silent As It Gets!

Heater PRO X is as silent as it gets! With noise levels lower than 30dB, even at high power settings, it is never going to feel louder than a whisper. No annoying noises whether you are trying to work or relax!

Safety Comes First

If you use a regular electric heater, your home is in danger. 86% of home heating fire deaths are because of electric heaters. If they fall over onto curtains, furniture, or clothes, a fire could erupt instantly.

If your children or pets get too close, they could get serious injuries and permanent third-degree burns from accidentally touching the smoldering 752°F (400°C) metal.

Forget about accidents that room heating could possibly cause. If you use it in your kid’s room there’s no need to feel anxious. Heater PRO X  is the safest heater ever made! It manages to provide you with that warm feeling, in such a way that no harm can be caused.

The Heater PRO X  comes with built-in safety features. It shuts off automatically when it gets too hot or it falls over. You can use it all day and night without worrying for your kids, pets, or furniture.


Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely YES!

Heater PRO X is a great portable device for keeping you and your home warm all the time. It helps you save money and it is specially designed in a stylish appearance to fit your home décor. Cold months are coming and with this device it is certain that you will have no more difficulty waking up in the morning. 

What’s even better with Heater PRO X is the price. Currently, the official website is offering free shipping and a 50% discount. Amazing, right?

How Can I Buy it?

Heater PRO X is currently sold only online. Follow these steps and you can make it yours now:

  1. Visit the official Heater PRO X website following this link.
  2. Place your order and get the exclusive 50% discount and Free Shipping Worldwide!

It’s that simple! 

TIP: The discount means Heater PRO X  is selling out rapidly right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends!

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Keep Yourself Warm This Winter With This Smart Device

Ellen N.

Great for the office! It is so easy to use that you only need to plug it into a socket. It keeps me warm during the long hours of work. Everyone should have one!

woman 1 638x270
Anna S.

I couldn’t imagine that I would like a device like this so much. The best part is that I can take it with me anywhere, even when traveling! Also, it is super quiet. The last thing you want when you are trying to work or relax is a noisy heater in the background. 

man 1 638x270
Alex W.

I purchased one and it didn’t take long to arrive. Since I got it, I have to say it is my most used gadget. Unbelievable considering the price. The only thing I would change is the color, too dark for my taste. 




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